Need help using the curriculum program?

We recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to access the curriculum.

Adobe Acrobat:Most of the documents presented within the Eyes on Israel curriculum are in PDF format. In order to view and print these files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader software. Acrobat is free and you may obtain it here:

Web Presentation: Several documents within the curriculum were created using Microsoft PowerPoint but we published them in a web-friendly format. Each presentation will open in a new window. To return to Eyes on Israel, simply close that window.

Navigating the Web Presentation: For the most part, you can simply click the mouse or hit the touchpad on your laptop. Here are some other keys you can use to navigate:

Action     Shortcut Key
Play / Pause     Space
Next Slide     PageDown
Previous Slide     PageUp
Next Step     Mouse click, or Enter
Previous Step     Shift Enter
First Slide     Ctrl+Home
Full Screen     Ctrl+F
TIP: If you wish to have a larger presentation without the Outline (found on the right-hand side), you may click the Expand icon. The Expand icon looks like two arrows pointing in opposite directions and can be found on the bottom middle of the presentation. Use the Expand icon to toggle back and forth between the full screen presentation and the smaller presentation that includes the Outline.

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